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Generating module


Medium temperature range generating module “M"-type produces from 35 to65 Watt of electric power under the temperature difference 385 ÷ 500 °C. Thermoelectric generating modules works with heat source temperature up to 570°C.

Thermoelectric modules are hermetically sealed for 25 years life-time.

“M"-type module is a heart of the thermoelectric generators TEG-200 and TEG-500.

Type Operating conditions Output parameters
IL UL Ri P Performance
А V Оhm W %
"M"-type 35 Т cold side=115°С, Т hot side=500°С 7,1 4,9 0,69 35 6,2
"M"-type 65 Т cold side=70°С, Т hot side=570°С 9,6 6,8 0,7 65 7,4


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